Callugh Brahn

Knight_of_Azura-2.jpg The Callugh Brahn are King Lahn of Cliffwatch’s arm to enforce and regulate the use of magic in Arulan. Comprised of 30 knights and their retainers, all sworn to the service of country first and king second, they patrol the kingdom, vigilant for abuse of magical power.

The knights elect their own Grand Master, and he serves as a first among equals authority figure. Important decisions are made through a general vote, with the Grand Master holding 2 votes so that ties may be broken. All the brothers of the Callugh Brahn are given the chance to voice their opinions on matters of importance, though typically for most mundane tasks and assignments, the Grand Master’s word is considered good enough.

Execution of Duty
There are three laws for the use of magic laid down by the Callugh Brahn for the use of magic.
1. Do not kill.
2. Do not deceive.
3. Do not summon.

The first rule generally only applies to Arulan citizens, and is sometimes forgiven in the case of self defense or when used against traitors to the realm. The second rule covers deceptions as well as the manipulation of fellow Arulan minds. Summoning Demon Princes is considered a heinous act that endangers all citizens of Arulan, and thusly must not be allowed to happen. All these offenses are punishable by death, and commoners found abusing the rules will frequently be killed without trial. Proof is generally required for nobles, but the proof does not necessarily need to be extensive.

Given their status as knights, all Callugh Brahn are capable combatants, usually traveling in groups of three in their patrols of the realm. The wear mail, have red crosses upon their tabards, and wear great helms that conceal their faces when in the line of duty. When they need support, they generally enlist men at arms and knights from whichever hold they are in to aid them.

Political Status
The knights have powerful sway in the capital, and provoking their ire is not generally considered wise.

Important Members
Grand Master Fahng
Ser Adhemar

Callugh Brahn

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