A bestial, ape like monster with brown fur and eerily intelligent eyes


Shafu is a burly monstrous cross-blood with powerful claws and the strength of many men. He wears little clothing or other regalia and prefers the use of his natural weapons in battle. He has been shown to be capable of absorbing a considerable amount of punishment before dropping.


Shafu was a member of one of the raiding parties attacks Fane’s Field in 303 C.E. He was intercepted on a return mission to Farmer Kurt’s home after having previously savaged the old man and carried away his daughter by Ulirch, Idris, and The Nameless Wanderer. After being beaten down by Idris and savagely tortured by the Wanderer, he revealed the name of his master, Silas, and the purpose of his mission: to carry away young women to serve as mates for his master. He was released to deliver a message to Silas to return the woman or be hunted down.


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