Lord Hoster Rhystad

A large, walrus of a man, with drooping mustaches and a lazy eye.


Once the most famous warrior lord in Arulan, Hoster has traded muscle for fat since an injury to his leg left him unable to fight and ride with the same vigor of his youth. He has a lazy eye, greying hair, and a wide girth.


Lord Hoster Rhystad is the ruler of Redwood hold, with his seat at Redwood Keep. An overweight human in his late sixties, he has ruled since he was a boy of 15. He is generally considered a fair man, and his people trust their ruler.

He has two legitimate sons, Rykard and Ebron, and a bastard named Ulrich. His wife, Lyra, died shortly after the birth of his true born sons, leaving the grieving lord to raise them himself. Ulrich was born some years after his half brothers, shortly following the Kazun Dahl.

Hoster has been a fierce opponent of Arulan’s king encroaching on the sovereignty of each hold, but has by the same token come faithfully to the defense of his fellow lords when outside threats occur, loaning troops and supplies to those in need. Until suffering a leg injury that has hindered his ability to fight, he would frequently lead these expeditions himself, but now rarely leaves the castle.

Lord Hoster Rhystad

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