Ebron Rhystad

A boisterous, barrel-chested man, with laugh lines and an easy smile.


Affected by a baldness not seen in his father or brother, Ebron is a huge man, well over 6 feet tall and weighing nearly 300 lbs. He is said to be the image of his father, Hoster, in his younger days.


Ebron is a jovial giant, easy to smile and quick with a laugh. He loves his father dearly, and despite his impressive size is a gentle man. He greater prefers tending to his father’s sheep and oxen herds over fighting, but is a capable warrior when the need arises.

He is well loved by the commoners of Redwood, as he is quick to lend a his strength to helping with any task, no matter how menial. His generous nature often earns him the ire of his brother, Rykard, who believes that a lord should be more detached from the commoners, but his booming laugh quickly dismisses any objections to his character.

Ebron Rhystad

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