Fury of the beast

After besting Silas and his cronies, the party joined two Callugh Brahn warriors and six Lowry men at arms in escorting the prisoners for trial in Cliffwatch and also in hunting a shapeshifter menace some day’s ride to the southwest. En route, the caravan is attacked by the beast, appearing as a massive, lanky bear with yellow eyes, which slaughters one of the men at arms and gravely injures Ulrich and Idris. As the bear was driven off, the Wanderer chased after it, only to discover the bear was in fact a man, as if shifted back into human form, wished its pursuer good hunting, and vanished into the trees.

Due to the extent of Idris and Ulrich’s injuries, Svald, the senior Callugh Brahn, sent Vincent and the Wanderer to take their companions back to Fane’s Field. Svald also entrusts to the Wanderer a missive from Ulrich’s father, Lord Hoster, stating that after a peace agreement had been reached been the Akira and the Arulan warriors, an Akira raid kidnapped Ulrich’s half-brother, Ebron. The party headed south towards Highlake, passing through Lowry on their way.

As they traveled south, they were tailed by the shapeshifter. After Idris awoke, and realized that he had been infected with lycanthropy, he stayed behind to face the bear, who explained to him what was happening, and greeted him as a hunting brother before departing from whence he came. Idris shifted, spending the night in bear form before making his way to Lowry where the rest of the party had settled in for the night. While in town, both Ulrich and the Wanderer were approached by a blond knight, discreetly inquiring if they were fed up with the rule of Cliffwatch Hold, and if they wished to fight back, to which both declined. The knight insinuated that it was not the Akira who broke the truce, but Cliffwatch soldiers who attacked an Akira encampment, provoking the nomads to retaliate.

Departing the following morning, the group encountered a felled tree across the road, and were ambushed by Akira warriors. The party fought back hard, and frightened most of the warriors away, keeping one prisoner to learn why the nomads were so deep into Highlake territory.


After rescuing the women of Fane’s Field from the clutches of the vile bandits, the Wanderer made a run for the town to warn them of Silas’ impending approach. Overtaking Silas and his dozen odd cronies, the Wanderer sounded the alarm, urging the people to flee to the keep while accompanying Bailiff Argyl and several men at arms to provide a rearguard. The Wanderer managed to to intimidate most of Silas’ men into fleeing, however Silas, Shafu, and an elven archer of great skill made their way to the wall and began purposefully and deliberately marching on the keep.

Despite the Wanderer’s efforts, he was unable to stop Silas, who conjured a mighty fireball that slew most of the town’s defenders, and proceeded to murder the baker’s daughter, demanding his own child be released. As he turned to make his way out of the town, opposed by the Wanderer and a bystander named Vincent, who had attempted to use his silver tongue to diffuse some of the tension in the situation, Idris and Urlich arrived with the rescued women. Ulrich scaled the wall and opened the gate, allowing Idris to charge the horse and cart into the city and trample over Silas, who had been tripped into the street by the wanderer, in his attempt to escape.

Shafu fled, the elf was taken captive by an intimidating Idris, and Ulrich, with a mighty spell, subdued the roaring flames created by Silas and healed the dying Bailiff. Vincent regained control of the cart and calmed the ladies within. Attempts to execute Silas on the spot were halted by the emergence of Baron Randall Throne from his keep, who demanded the wounded and broken sorcerer be kept alive for his own entertainment. In a moment of frustration, the Wanderer shoved Silas full on at the Baron, claiming that he had remitted the prisoner to the Baron’s legal custody. In a fury, the wounded Silas gored the surprised Baron, leaving him with a deep wound to his gut. Idris subdued Silas, dealing the sorcerer a vicious blow to the head, before continuing to escort the elf to the dungeons, leaving the Baron bleeding out, attended by a frantic man at arms.

The Bandit Camp

After defeating Shafu and his cronies, the party split up: The Wanderer followed the map claimed from Shafu to the kidnapper’s camp, where he ran off several of the horses, suffering a grievous leg injury in the process but managing to return to the farmhouse to report. Ulrich traveled to the nearby farm of Farmer Dunnell, a proprietor of hogs, where he was informed by the end of a crossbow that his protection was not required. As Ulrich readied to leave, he witnessed a woman with elfin features and a small purple crystal steal into Dunnell’s house and brutally murder him in an explosion of fire. Ulrich confronted and subdued this attacker, dragging her back to Kurt’s. Idris remained at Kurt’s, and began fashioning throwing spears to be used for the eventual raid on the bandit’s camp.

Upon the Wanderer and Ulrich’s return, the party decided to turn their captive over to Bailiff Argyl for imprisonment and make for the bandit camp. There, they battled two men, two feral, cat like beasts, and a huge man with rocky grey skin. After frightening away the humans and slaying the monsters, they discovered the kidnapped girls hidden away. Young Mabel, daughter to Kurt, proved her mettle, helping to fell the grey man, and assisted the adventurers into loading the rest into wagons discovered at the camp to make their way back to Fane’s Field.

Before departing, the party interrogated one of the captured bandits, learning that his master, Silas, had led most of his force away to Fane’s Field for a reckoning. The town’s stone walls, guarded by only a handful of men at arms, are in little position to defend themselves against a surprise assault. The Wanderer ran ahead to warn Fane’s Field, while Idris and Ulrich are leading the caravan of woman back. Their charges have been armed with the Idris’ spears, forming a prickly defense against any troubles they may meet on the road home.

The Mystery of Fane's Field
The Battle with Shafu

The heroes traveled to Fane’s Field to investigate a rash of kidnapped maidens and encountered a large, hairy, ape-featured man leading a group of bandits. They had been the ones taking young maidens from the nearby town to take to his master “Silas” in the forest to the east.

A Rude Homecoming

After a summer spent campaigning in Lonewater Hold against the Woad raiders, Idris of Torryghiem and Ulrich Red have returned home to Redwood Keep. Lord Hoster, master of Redwood Hold, and his sons Rykard and Ebron are still campaigning along with most of the hold’s knights and men at arms in Eastguard against Akira marauders, and are not expected to return for some weeks yet.

Ser Kevin, an aging knight who has long served as one of Lord Hoster’s most trusted advisors, has been left in command of Redwood Keep. You have scarcely ridden through the gates before the stocky castilian comes up trundling up to you. After a brief round of pleasantries, you are told that the village of Fane’s Field to the west has been the subject of a rash of kidnappings. With most of the hold’s knights and men at arms out fighting to the south, you two are being dispatched as relief to the village to investigate the disturbance where you meet The Nameless Wanderer.

Ather Origins Campaign

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