Screen_Shot_2016-02-14_at_6.24.10_PM.pngTorryghiem is the nation of the dwarves, with a capital at Torryg Hall. The dwarves claim to have founded it in the year 1 C.E, when the divines departed back to their celestial realm. The population center dwells almost exclusively at Torryg Hall, with only a small number of dwarves dwelling out of the main keep.

The population is approximately 90 percent dwarven and 10 percent gargoyle. The gargoyles are reincarnated members of the first dwarven army to enter the Sylwood Foreset during the Kazun Dahl, and make up nearly half of the dwarven armed forces, primarily serving as scouts and citadel guards. All told, there are about 36,000 dwarves and 4,000 gargoyles within the realm. No elves are permitted within the boundaries of Torryghiem, and few humans are ever invited to witness its splendor.

According to the legend, the dwarven nation was founded by Isari, better known as The White God. It was named for Torryg Stronghammer, the first Priest Carver, who is considered a father to all of the clan.

In the year 256, the dwarves declared war on the elven community of Sylwood Forest for their neighbors raising of new gods to the pantheon. The war, called the Kazun Dahl in the dwarven tongue, reshaped much of the dwarven artisans focus from creating objections of beauty for the glory of Isari to the making of fine arms and armor to combat the enemy. The nearly 30 years of long conflict took a heavy toll on the dwarves, both in terms of physical damage to their clan hold and scars to their pride at their inability to bring about a decisive victory against the elves.

Since the war’s conclusion, the dwarves have been focused heavily on restoring their kingdom to its former glory and to training their new human allies in Arulan in the ways of war and weapon smithing. They take a heavy political interest in the doings of Arulan, and are working to establish worship of Isari among the population.

Since the Kazun Dahl war, the dwarves have placed a much greater emphasis on military training. All news dwarves receive basic combat training, and nearly a twenty percent of Torryghiem’s population serves in a primarily combat military capacity. Gargoyles are used largely to defend the dwarven homeland, and their ability to glide makes them invaluable in the rocky, mountainous terrain of the dwarven homeland. They use crossbows and hammers, and rarely wear armor into combat.

Dwarf ground troops are organized into squads of 10, which are grouped into regiments, made up of 5 squads. Brigades are made up of 4 grouped regiments, and divisions from 3 brigades. An army numbering 1,800 dwarves, totals 3 divisions. The dwarves employ 2 full sized peace time armies, plus some 400 reserve troops on call to be assigned to either should the need arise to quickly replace specialists. Sergeants command a squad, lieutenants a regiment, captains a brigade, generals a division, and field marshals an army.

Most squads consist of heavy infantry armed with halberds and cladin mail, but others have lighter troops who utilize crossbows for skirmishing and cover fire. The dwarves have squads of sappers who can tunnel under enemy defenses and also artillery operators who man the catapults and ballista used for sieges. Torryghiem dwarves make some use of horse cavalry and in fact taught the Arulan humans to make better use of horses, but do not have many cavalry units active, as they are poorly suited to the terrain.

The dwarves also maintain a small navy, which they use to defend their fishing fleet in the bay.

Important People
Trajak: Senior Priest Carver
Hvardal: Senior Marshal of the Army
Captain Kvar: Chief Liaison and Advisor to Redwood Hold

Important Locations
Torryg Hall
Darkhill Keep
Elfwatch Keep



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