Sylwood Forest Elves

Screen_Shot_2016-02-14_at_7.15.14_PM.pngWithin the mysterious oak forest of Sylwood, a large community of elves dwells in silent tandem to their human and dwarven neighbors. Powerful in magic, their mysterious wild lifestyle sets them much apart from other races.

The elves of Sylwood forest do not have a government in the way that humans or dwarves might understand. Powerful elves may call upon the services of lesser members of their race for services that they are obliged to perform, but a service or wealth must be traded back. Elf “lords” are powerful elves, quickly able to summon the services of others of their kindred. There are laws in Sylwood forest, enforced not by a government but by an understanding of the residents that without adherence to the relatively small list of rules, they will descend into lawless slaughter or authoritarian anarchy.

The elven inability to use iron necessitates alternate materials for war. Most prefer bows with obsidian tipped arrows or similarly tipped polearms as their primary tools of war. A great deal of elves are also highly proficient in the use of The Weave, or magic as it is known in lesser tongues.


Sylwood Forest Elves

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