Sinn Féin

Sinn_F_in.jpg The Sinn Féin are spirits of nature who tend to the forests, streams, mountains, and valleys of Ather. Little about them is known to humans or dwarves, as they tend to dwell in places far secluded from civilization. Like gentle shepherds, they lovingly care for the world around them, fiercely attacking those who would desecrate their groves.

Sinn Féin come in many different forms, but most commonly appear as wispy, incorporeal humanoids dressed in leaves, bark, or furs flitting amongst the trees. They are a generally peaceful folk, and prefer to be left alone. When riled, they can manifest physical forms and have a talent for spell casting, particularly bending. Most are shy and quiet, but some are of a curious and inquisitive nature, and will approach mortals who tread near their remote sanctuaries.

The power of the Sinn Féin varies, but seems to be tied to their association with the natural world. The larger the river or stretch of forest they protect, the stronger they tend to be. Sinn Féin have deep ties to the elements, and are powerful benders when the need arises.

Some mortal sorcerers have learned to bind Sinn Féin to serve them. This arrangement rarely favors the spirit folks, and many harbor a deep resentment of mortal casters for it. While respectful arrangements can be made, many (humans especially) find it difficult to treat with the spirits because the Sinn Féin generally speaking have no concept of material culture, land ownership, or any other sense of property recognizable to humanity.

Elemental Power
There are four different types of Sinn Féin, each associated with a different energy type:
Tuatha Féin (electricity): Generally found in streams, rivers, or sheltered lagoons, the Tuatha Féin are keepers of the waterways.
Aos Féin (fire): Often found on plains, hills, and sometimes deserts, the Aos Féin are capricious wanderers.
Sí Féin (cold): These spirits prefer high mountains and hidden canyons as their dominion.
Daoine Féin (sonic): Famed for the unearthly beauty of their songs, Daoine Féin are commonly found in woodland areas, sequestered away in sacred orchards where they sing life into their bounties.

Sinn Féin

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