Redwood_Hold.pngRedwood is one of the five human territories that make up the Kingdom of Arulan. Unlike the other regions of Arulan, the people of Redwood enjoyed good relations with the elves up until the Kazun Dahl war, when many were pressed into service to fight against their northern neighbors. Known for producing fine archers, due to the skills taught to them by the elves, men at arms from Redwood make up an important component of the Arulan army when it assembles.

Ruled by the aging Lord Hoster Rhystad, most of the people of Redwood are sheep herders or farmers. There are about 4,000 inhabitants, with humans comprising nearly the entire population. Most of these commoners are scattered about on small homesteads, with just over 350 occupying the keep and immediate surrounding area. Of these, 100 are Lord Rhystad’s men at arms, and 20 are landed knights. The remainder are primarily servants, tending directly to the Lord’s flocks.

The people of Redwood care little for the politics of dwarves or the magical guile of elves, but have few major qualms with either party so long as they are allowed to live in peace. Though they went to war with the elves, their involvement came towards the end of the struggle, and few of their people saw any military action. The three dwarven attach├ęs are regarded as helpful members of the community, but generally addressed with guarded tongues.

The Keep
The castle that forms the seat of government for the territory is built on the banks of the Orion River, and consists of a triangular stone wall, with a tower in the northernmost corner. The tower is cylindrical in shape, and approximately 50 feet tall. The stone wall is about 15 feet tall, and some 5 feet thick. There is a main gate in the center of the wall facing the tower and a small postern gate leading out of the keep itself. The postern gate has a portcullis, and a door large enough for two men to walk out abreast of one another. The main gate lacks a portcullis, but is made of reinforced oak and coated with dried animal skins so as to reduce chance of fire, and when both doors are opened, two men may ride side by side under the arch.

The tower itself is both well fortified and comfortable, with 5 stories. It is approximately 40 feet across at the base, and the open bottom story serves as the mead hall. A basement beneath the first story contains well stocked cellars of meat, grain, and wine, as well as kitchen space for preparing meals. The second and third stories have guest accommodations for visiting persons of importance, which double as extra supply space and space for refugees to take shelter in times of war. The top two stories consist of Lord Rhystad’s suite, and the quarters of the lord’s family. A ring of battlements surrounds the roof, allowing for defenders to fire arrows down on enemies below.

In the courtyards, the walls extend out some 75 feet from the keep. Along the eastern wall are the stables and smithy. Along the western wall is a barracks, where the 60 men at arms who guard the castle reside. Conditions are somewhat cramped, but the guarantee of pay and a good meal make the life of a castle soldier good by all accounts.

Beyond the walls of the castle, the town of Redwood contains an inn, a bar, a blacksmith’s shop, several merchant shops, and the homes of 5 knights and their retainers. Small farms dot the hilly landscape looking to the south, and a small port to the north of town allows fishermen and merchants from the Orion River to sell their wares. Since relations have been less cordial with the elves, the docks have seen little use in the last 20 years, and are in poor repair.

Other Towns
While most of the population of the hold reside in their own homesteads, there are two sizable towns: Fane’s Field and Lowry. Each has a small detachment of men at arms to guard it, and is presided over by a landed knight.


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