The inhabitants of Ather share their universe with a variety of powerful extraplanar beings. Three exceptionally mighty divines, known as the Harkiron Gods sculpted the first three mortal races and gave them culture before disappearing to the Veahne, beyond the outer planes.

Several powerful elves have managed to ascend to demigod status, and are known as the Sylvan Gods. While still far less powerful than their creators, they have taken on a more active role in guiding their people and acting to protect their interests.

In the Great Beyond live the nine sinister Demon Princes. Though weaker than the Harkiron Gods, the Demon Princes are many times stronger than mightiest of Ather’s inhabitants, but unable to manifest themselves on Ather without a mortal spell caster to summon them. Even when summoned, they may only manifest a small piece of their essence, bound largely to the whim of their summoner.

While not strictly part of the pantheon, there exists a race of spirits who embody and protect the different natural and elemental aspects of Ather. Known as the Sinn Féin to the people of Arulan, they are sometimes worshipped as part of a tradition honoring the world and all life that dwells upon it.


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