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This is the Wiki for the Ather campaign setting. Details about the races, nations, factions, and geography of the world of Ather can be found here.

Races The different races for Ather can be found here.
human, dwarf, elf, gargoyle, cross-blooded

Nations Nations for the campaign are included on this page.
Arulan, Akira, Torryghiem, The Arvanti Empire

Factions Organizations and societies can be found on this page.
Woad, Callugh Brahn, Sylwood Forest Elves

Geography Details about the geography, geology, and astronomy of Ather are under this tab. Titan

Pantheon Religious and cosmological info can be found on this page.
Harkiron Gods, Demon Princes, Sinn Féin

Planes Information and links to other planes of existence are here.
Faerie, The Great Beyond, Veahne

Flora and Fauna Information about the many fantastic animals and plants that share the world of Ather can be found on this page.
Trolls, Saber-cats, Sloths

History Specific defining historic events, wars, and whatnot are covered under this tab. Kazun Dahl, Creation Story

Languages Different languages can be found under this page.

Main Page

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