Ruled by Baron Lohlar, Lowry is a prosperous town and Redwood hold’s largest settlement. With nearly 200 residents in the town proper and some 300 more in the surrounding hills, it is a center for the lumber industry in Arulan and an important trade link with the neighboring hold of Highlake.

Lowry is a scattered assortment of houses and shops, built across three hills in the shadow of Jarlath Peak. The town boasts some 15 knights, who have bought land from Baron Lohlar and settled down. Their sizable homes and farms ring the town, in which the bustle of shops and the good cheer from the taverns have yet to fade. The Baron has a fine house, but maintains no wall around his keep or the town, claiming that it would only hinder trade, and he has no need of its defense due to his many knights.

While most of Redwood remains fairly rural, Lowry is fairly urban by comparison. The main street is paved with cobblestone, and the houses are made with tiled roofs, rather than the thatch of Redwood Hold or Fane’s Field. As such, there are a number of shops of all descriptions gracing the town with their business. Goods from the south tend to come through Lowry before passing to the other settlements in Redwood.

The 15 knights of Baron Lohlar are augmented by the lord’s own 20 men at arms, who’s families make up a significant portion of the town’s population. Lord Hoster’s garrison of 20 men at arms makes for a total fighting strength that tends to discourage bandits or far ranging Akira raiders.

Important Locations
Brannagh’s Brandy Tap Tarvern
The Boar’s Tusk Inn and Eatery
Torund’s Forge


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