Screen_Shot_2016-02-29_at_12.39.21_PM.png Once one of the most prosperous holds of Arulan, Lonewater has fallen on hard times due to a steady increase in raids from the seafaring Woad pirates. It is ruled by Lord Karstein the Watcher, who overseas a population of stubborn fishermen who refuse to leave their homeland, not matter how tough the going gets. The seat of the hold is Lonewater Keep, which is Arulan’s only sea port.

History and Culture
Lonewater was once the second largest hold of the Auro humans. They were fierce warriors, with a long history of fighting the Akira over control of the Jor River territory on their southern border. During the Kazun Dahl, the men of Lonewater contributed one of the largest fighting contingents, almost half their young men, to the invasion of the elven forest. As the army’s vanguard, they were nearly wiped out by the defenses of the elves, which took a hard hit to their population. Following the wars conclusion, they began to experience raids along their coast by Woad pirates, coupled with increased activity from the Akira to the south. The constant state of war over the past 30 years has eroded their population, many of whom moved to other holds, to barely 1,000, and caused them to abandon over half their former territory.

Those who remain in Lonewater are a fiercely stubborn folk. They are grim of face and have a taste for dark humor, but are determined not to be driven off. Hardship is an accepted standard of life for them, and they do not expect many kindnesses.

Just over 2,000 people make Lonewater their home, with about 900 dwelling in the city of Lonewater Keep itself and the remainder grouped at Riedamar Watch, a foreboding fortress that keeps watch over the southern and eastern plains. The population is disproportionately male, with fewer families remaining in the hold with each passing year. Most folk are fishermen or farmers.

Every man in Lonewater learns to fight from an early age, and most have some familiarity with weapon use. Lord Karstein has 80 men at arms in Lonewater Keep, while Baron Farris, lord of Riedamar, has 60. There are few knights in Lonewater. King Lahn in Cliffwatch has been sending out troops and supplies every summer to garrison the two settlements and patrol the territory, and while this has slowed the raids, it has failed to restore prosperity to Lonewater.


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