knights_horses_mountblade_artwork_medieval_1920x1200_wallpaper_www.wall321.com_15.jpgA knight is a minor noble in Arulan who earns his title through service of arms to a lord or king. Characterized by their heavy armor, horses, and status as free men, knights are among the most powerful warriors in Arulan, and form a minor social class all of their own.

Knights differ from men at arms in that they are not serfs, paid for by their lord in land or coin. Knights receive their title from their lord and so long as they remain loyal, their legitimacy is recognized. This gives a knight the ability to buy or sell land, marry into the nobility, and receive a formal trial if accused.

As they cannot be drawn from the peasantry, knights are generally the sons of rich merchants or other knights. The expense required to outfit a knight with a serviceable mount and armor and weapons befitting his station requires a considerable amount of wealth.

Weapons and Armor
A horse is the most important part of a knight’s arsenal. Horses are expensive, and skilled riders are not common, making a knight a valuable combination to a lord. Knights are generally expected to wear chain armor, and some of the richest can even afford plate. Spears and lances are the most common weapons for Arulan horseback fighting, though swords and maces are not uncommon among knights.


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