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Ather is a planet in a binary planet system orbiting the star Galus. Its sister planet is named Titan, and is considerably larger than Ather. Titan appears mostly red to observers on Ather, and takes up a great deal of both the night and day time sky. Days are 24 hours, and a year is approximately 364 days (generally divided into 13 months of 28 days each). The circumference of Ather is approximately 4,800 miles. It is an extremely dense planet, giving it gravity disproportionate to its size.

The temperature on Ather is generally moderate to tropical, with tectonic hot spots lending to some temperature variations throughout the surface. It has an oxygen atmosphere that supports carbon based life forms. There are three major continents, referred to broadly as the Northern Continent, the Eastern Continent, and the Southern Continent. Different societies have different names for these landmasses.

Titan has a powerful impact on Ather, both culturally and geologically. It causes the tide to come in three times per day and go out three further times per day. It’s massive presence in the sky causes days of shadow, where little light reaches the planet’s surface.


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