Fane's Field

Fane_s_Field.pngFane’s Field is a human town of some 400 people within the province of Redwood Hold. Situated at the base of a steep hill and surrounded by terraced fields, the town itself is a bustling hive of merchants and marketplaces. The town is ringedby a low stone wall and guarded by 20 of Lord Hoster’s men at arms. Baron Randal Thorne is the noble who administers the town, though he generally leaves matters to his merchants so long as he gets his tithes.

Much of the produce for Redwood Hold is grown here, and the farmers are very proud of their crops. Korstark the Jeweler’s shop is the farthest north jeweler in Arulan, and makes a fine profit making trinkets for the locals and finer works for the knights of Redwood. Clive’s Mill is the only windmill in Redwood. Built by the dwarves as a part of the their appeasement of Arulan, it provides grain for nearly 2,000 people across the hold.

Most of the population lives on small homesteads within a mile of the town, with only 150 citizens dwelling full time inside the walls. The town sits at the base of a hill, and its square walls provide a sense of relative safety to the townsfolk. Baron Randal’s keep takes up most of the north wall, and the other three are lined predominantly with houses of town dwellers. The center of the town is an open field, with keep, inn, tavern, smithy, tailor, and general store buildings all surrounding it. Twice a week, the field is filled by the presence of a market as vendors come from out of town to sell their wares.

Baron Randal Thorne keeps a retinue of just 7 men at arms and 2 knights, content generally to let the 20 men at arms supplied by Lord Hoster to do the bulk of the guarding and patrol duties.

Fane's Field

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