The Realm of Faerie, also known as the Spirit World, is a plane that has very close parallels to the Ather universe, but that operates under very different laws of nature. Here dwell the different faerie races, who delight in meddling in the affairs of mortals. It is a wild, primal place, tied more closely to the Weave than the material plane.

Geography, Ecology, and Physics
The Realm of Faerie is a vast domain, with no tangible borders or even a beginning and end. Unlike the physical universe, its appearance and composition are very fluid, and easily reshaped by the musings of powerful beings. Many animal parallels from Ather can be found here, but they are much more primal and aggressive than their mortal counterparts. Time flows much slower on Faerie than it does on Ather, and spending an hour in the Spirit World generally equates to a day’s passing on the material plane.

The different faerie races that dwell on the plane are thought to have been created at the same time as the mortals. The following is a list of common faeries:

Ogre: Monstrous hulking brutes capable of minor shapeshifting.
Svartalvar: Sometimes known as “dark elves,” svartalvar are short, wiry faeries with a reputation as skilled craftsmen.
Sidhe: These mighty faeries are beautiful humanoids with powerful links to the Weave.
Malk: A vicious, sentient faerie feline with an unquenchable thirst for blood.
Elf: A race that may choose either to live on Ather or in Faerie, always having a foot in both worlds and never fully belonging in either.

All faeries, being entities native to the spirit world, have a powerful aversion to Iron, due to its close affiliation with the material plane.


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