Elf.jpgElves are a powerful race with close ties to both nature and magic. They are far more physically and magically powerful than most other mortals, and have an elongated lifespan. Their close ties to nature make them vulnerable to the effects of iron though, which is highly toxic to elves. Elves are native both to Ather and the Faerie, and can be found inhabiting either realm.

Elves are tall and wiry, averaging 6 to 6.5 feet, with little discernible difference in build between males and females. They frequently can endure for as long as 250 years, though some make it to 300.

The powerful magic inherent to all elves that sustains their life force is taxed supremely by the process of carrying and delivering children. Female elves lose decades for each child they bear, and most do not care to risk having more than one child, if any at all. Males do not suffer this side effect, which has led some male elves to seek partners among other races.

In the year 256 C.E. three of the most powerful elves ascended to demigod status, departing Ather to dwell in the outer planes. They frequently appear to gifted elves to guide and offer aid for the betterment of their people. This ascension has caused relations with the dwarves to deteriorate to the point of a 26 year war.


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