Eastguard_Hold.png Ruled over by Lord Galdry the Bald, Eastguard is one of the five holds of Arulan. Encompassing tress, hills, and grassland, Eastguard is the second largest hold by land, although its holding and population have declined in the past decade through wars with the Akira who dwell to the south and east of the hold. It is ruled from Eastguard Keep, and its many knights work hard to ensure that ample grazing land is maintained for the herds of cattle for which the hold is famed.

Due to the need for large areas of open land for cattle grazing, Eastguard has few major population centers, with most of its inhabitants dwelling on rural ranches. The capital at Eastguard Keep has only Lord Galdry’s 300 men at arms, 50 knights, and some 100 servants as full time inhabitants. The towns of Crofter’s Hollow and Sharough have only some 200 inhabitants each, leaving the remaining 7,100 residents as rural homesteaders. The population is almost exclusively Auro human.

Culture and Economy
The people of Eastguard are very independent, and tend to defy the traditional serf-lord paradigm. While lordly titles are hereditary and service to the lord is expected, most lords and serfs tend to stay out of one another’s way. It is impractical to micromanage cattle herds the way that lords in other holds micromanage farmers, and thus serfs tends enjoy a great deal of liberty to do as they please without interference. Milk and meat are the staples of Eastguard produce, though Crofter’s Hollow produces some fine woodwork and is home to one of the most respected weapon smiths in all of Arulan: Kai East.

The hold plays host to some 250 of King Lahn’s soldiers every summer, who travel down from Cliffwatch to protect the hold from raiding Akira. The total hold muster of men at arms is some 500, with about 70 knights. The spread out nature of Eastguard’s population gives the Akira many easy targets, but they have little use for cows, so they generally leave ranchers alone.


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