Vincent of High Lake

An man of average height, lithe, yet muscular build, with dashing looks and an ornate black coat.


Age: 27

Weight: 209 lbs

Height: 6’ 1"

Initiative Score= 27

Sinister +0
Prestigious +3


Born in High Lake, Vincent had a childhood filled with fond memories. His father was a wealthy merchant facilitating trade between the Dwarves and the various holds of Arulan. As his family was traveling to the capitol making a deliver, the caravan was waylaid by bandits; his parents being killed by poisoned daggers for refusing to hand over their cargo. Fortunately, the bandits refused to kill the child and left him to wander back to his home orphaned and alone.

Years later, Vincent has grown into a sly and relatively carefree con man. He has shoulder-length, sandy blond hair; forrest green eyes; and the faintest stubble about his face. While he is of average height and musculature, he has great agility, a keen intellect, and a curious charm about him. His one failing being his cocky attitude leading him to believe his natural talents can always get him out of trouble. He wears a black leather jerkin and gauntlet-like gloves over a light brown shirt, tall black boots over reinforced tan pants, and a fine midnight blue/black coat bearing silver, dagger-shaped, cuff-links.

He is a master of mundane illusions and parlor tricks, which he has learned to apply to his dagger which is hidden within the sleeve of his coat, and is often poisoned with hemlock or nightshade to heaven any would be assailants.

Vincent of High Lake

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