Silas Greymane

A tall man, with grey skin, silver hair, and black, spiraled horns


Silas is a large, powerful creature, presumably cross-blooded. He is skilled both with his long, pale blade and in the use of the Weave. He appears as a large grey-skinned man of indeterminate age, with a long mane of silver-white hair. His most defining feature is the pair of black horns curling up from behind his head.


The party encountered Silas after traveling to Fane’s Field to halt a rash of kidnappings. He was subdued during a skirmish at Fane’s Field by the combined efforts of the party, after revealing himself to be a very powerful sorcerer. As a wounded prisoner, he still found the strength to gore Baron Randal Throne with his powerful horns. He is currently locked away in a cell in Fane’s Field keep.

Silas Greymane

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