Idris of Torryghiem

A stoic dwarf with gruff demeanor and an imposing figure uncharacteristic for his aging frame.


Age: 177 years

Weight: 268 lbs

Height: 5’ 8"

Eye Color: Piercing yellow

Initiative Score= 31

Reputation Bonus:
Sinister +0
Prestigeous +3


A wizened, stocky, dwarvish man, Idris has long braided hair that has begun to turn grey at the roots; yet the end of his beard shows signs of being singed by the roaring flames of his forge.

For his apparent age, he maintains a well-toned physique and is far more durable than most would believe possible, even by dwarves standards. He has long served as a smith for his hold, but after the Kazun Dahl was assigned to the Lord of Redwood Hold to train soldiers and teach them the finer points of smithing.

He is normally found at his forge garbed in naught but cured-leather pants, striking his seemingly oversized war hammer against searing steel; however, when away from this position he wears a ceremonial, deep blue/crimson embroidered jerkin with a silver sash underneath a matted-black full cloak and silver pauldrons adorned with the sigil of Torryghiem. His belt is a darkened leather with a silver buckle. He bears what appear to be brined gauntlets and boots.

Idris has become afflicted with the heavy curse of Lycanthropy, developing the ability to willingly (or unwillingly) transform into a mighty bear, granting him much improved physical durability and strength. Only a few people know of his condition and he is actively concealing his new nature by resisting transformation while he attempts to tap into his newfound, primal, powers.

It is of note that his peculiar method of forging involves tempering the steel in a mysterious liquid to give it a dark, bronze-like hue.

Idris of Torryghiem

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