Baron Randal Thorne

A tight lipped, balding man in his late forties wearing soft slippers and richly dyed robes


Randal Thorne is a Arulanese noble and baron to the town of Fane’s Field in Redwood Hold. A unrepentantly greedy man of less than imposing physical stature, he is little liked by his townsfolk or fellow nobles, but his shrewd mind for business has made him a very wealthy man in excess of his station.


Randal inherited his position for his father, Tarwell Thorne, who fought with Lord Hoster in the Kazun Dahl war. Randal showed little spirit to fight, and upon his father’s death showed little interest in committing to conflict.

In the year 303 C.E. Randal requisitioned aid from Redwood Keep to deal with a rash of kidnappings, as most of the men at arms usually at his disposal were away fighting Akira raiders in the south.

Baron Randal Thorne

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