Bailiff Herbert Argyl

A thin man with white hair and stern features, with a bear claw hanging around his neck


Argyl is a thin man of average height, who serves as the Bailiff for Fane’s Field. Appointed by Lord Hoster to his post, Argyl has served as a tough but fair executor of the law for the common folk that are his charge. He is in his early sixties, and still a fair hand with a sword, though not as well suited to hunting down criminals as he once was.

Unlike most other Bailiffs, Argyl is of common birth.


Argyl met The Nameless Wanderer while escorting a murderer to Cliffwatch City for trial, who helped him recapture the fugitive after he escaped with the help of several accomplices. Argyl in exchange spoke for the Nameless Wanderer, who had gotten into some trouble with the local authorities, and they were both able to go on their way.

In 303 C.E. the Bailiff recruited the Wanderer once again to help him protect the people of Fane’s Field for a prolific kidnapper, who has been carrying away young girls in the night. He helped muster the town to defend against Silas’ attack, and was badly injured by one of the bandit’s spells. Argyl was healed by the magic of Ulrich Red, though he still bears some scars from his encounter.

Bailiff Herbert Argyl

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