• Idris of Torryghiem

    Idris of Torryghiem

    A stoic dwarf with gruff demeanor and an imposing figure uncharacteristic for his aging frame.
  • The Nameless Wanderer

    The Nameless Wanderer

    A bright red haired, green eyed, man with extremely angular features.
  • Ulrich Red (Rhystad)

    Ulrich Red (Rhystad)

    A lean, blond youth with angular features and a subtle but sure hum of otherworldly power
  • Vincent of High Lake

    Vincent of High Lake

    An man of average height, lithe, yet muscular build, with dashing looks and an ornate black coat.
  • Bailiff Herbert Argyl

    Bailiff Herbert Argyl

    A thin man with white hair and stern features, with a bear claw hanging around his neck
  • Baron Randal Thorne

    Baron Randal Thorne

    A tight lipped, balding man in his late forties wearing soft slippers and richly dyed robes
  • Ebron Rhystad

    Ebron Rhystad

    A boisterous, barrel-chested man, with laugh lines and an easy smile.
  • Grand Master Fahng

    Grand Master Fahng

    Before you stands a tall man with a grim sternness in his face and clad in crimson full-plate.
  • Lord Hoster Rhystad

    Lord Hoster Rhystad

    A large, walrus of a man, with drooping mustaches and a lazy eye.
  • Rykard Rhystad

    Rykard Rhystad

    A tall man with a hard face, framed by salt and pepper hair.
  • Ser Adhemar

    Ser Adhemar

    A haughty knight, with a carefully trimmed brown beard and the armor of a lord
  • Shafu


    A bestial, ape like monster with brown fur and eerily intelligent eyes
  • Silas Greymane

    Silas Greymane

    A tall man, with grey skin, silver hair, and black, spiraled horns
  • Svald Giantsblood

    Svald Giantsblood

    A hulking, dark-haired human male with arms like tree trunks and a stern expression
  • The Mysterious Knight

    The Mysterious Knight

    A well-groomed knight, with reddish blond hair and a secretive demeanor