After rescuing the women of Fane’s Field from the clutches of the vile bandits, the Wanderer made a run for the town to warn them of Silas’ impending approach. Overtaking Silas and his dozen odd cronies, the Wanderer sounded the alarm, urging the people to flee to the keep while accompanying Bailiff Argyl and several men at arms to provide a rearguard. The Wanderer managed to to intimidate most of Silas’ men into fleeing, however Silas, Shafu, and an elven archer of great skill made their way to the wall and began purposefully and deliberately marching on the keep.

Despite the Wanderer’s efforts, he was unable to stop Silas, who conjured a mighty fireball that slew most of the town’s defenders, and proceeded to murder the baker’s daughter, demanding his own child be released. As he turned to make his way out of the town, opposed by the Wanderer and a bystander named Vincent, who had attempted to use his silver tongue to diffuse some of the tension in the situation, Idris and Urlich arrived with the rescued women. Ulrich scaled the wall and opened the gate, allowing Idris to charge the horse and cart into the city and trample over Silas, who had been tripped into the street by the wanderer, in his attempt to escape.

Shafu fled, the elf was taken captive by an intimidating Idris, and Ulrich, with a mighty spell, subdued the roaring flames created by Silas and healed the dying Bailiff. Vincent regained control of the cart and calmed the ladies within. Attempts to execute Silas on the spot were halted by the emergence of Baron Randall Throne from his keep, who demanded the wounded and broken sorcerer be kept alive for his own entertainment. In a moment of frustration, the Wanderer shoved Silas full on at the Baron, claiming that he had remitted the prisoner to the Baron’s legal custody. In a fury, the wounded Silas gored the surprised Baron, leaving him with a deep wound to his gut. Idris subdued Silas, dealing the sorcerer a vicious blow to the head, before continuing to escort the elf to the dungeons, leaving the Baron bleeding out, attended by a frantic man at arms.


Jakyriss Jakyriss

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