A Rude Homecoming

After a summer spent campaigning in Lonewater Hold against the Woad raiders, Idris of Torryghiem and Ulrich Red have returned home to Redwood Keep. Lord Hoster, master of Redwood Hold, and his sons Rykard and Ebron are still campaigning along with most of the hold’s knights and men at arms in Eastguard against Akira marauders, and are not expected to return for some weeks yet.

Ser Kevin, an aging knight who has long served as one of Lord Hoster’s most trusted advisors, has been left in command of Redwood Keep. You have scarcely ridden through the gates before the stocky castilian comes up trundling up to you. After a brief round of pleasantries, you are told that the village of Fane’s Field to the west has been the subject of a rash of kidnappings. With most of the hold’s knights and men at arms out fighting to the south, you two are being dispatched as relief to the village to investigate the disturbance where you meet The Nameless Wanderer.


Jakyriss Dray

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